Y’all Know The Name: Charles THE Hamliton


I purchased Thought Remixer from this wack n1gga, Nukirk. Nukirk refused to sell it to me, but finally decided to after a deep conversation last night. I basically told him to take the site off line, make a few minor changes and down the road, I will design the blog my own way!

Some of you may be wondering why I’m ditching my home for mad years on blogspot. Because I always wanted a set up like this.



And Thought Remixer is exactly who I am! I’ve been watching this cat Nukirk for a long time, being this great guy keeping theBoondocksfan.com up and running, then he went from good to bad as he changes branding and losing people. He fell from grace, y’all.

But I know how to entertain an audience. I know what I can do.

So, I brought the domain name from him after I convinced him that he can’t keep it moving. Since I still don’t know how how to use this wordpress, I’m going to post through out the day. I got big plans for this site, and even bigger plans for my future! So, today, I’ll be posting MAD shit! Such as:

  • (oh cool. I didn’t know you can do bullet points!)
  • My side of the whole Fresh Selects Post
  • Launching my REAL Twitter profile
  • What I’m going to do to shut down Rhymefest
  • And why I’m sponsored by SEGA (hint, SEGA and ME doing a collab that will be release this summer!)


Big plans, right? Well, stick with me, fans! And make sure you check out the old articles on this site, especially with Mims. My boy MIMS speaking the truth to the haters out there! BETTA LOOK AT ALL THIS “GREAT” CONTENT while you can, BECAUSE I’M TAKING THEM DOWN!

Real talk. I’m out.

~~Charles Hamilton~~

Update April 2, 2009: So, this is kinda false as well. Never really did tackle the other things. Actually, I never planned to. At least NOT as Charles… um… HAMILITON…

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    For reals? Okay Mr. Hamilton do you.