XXL to Slim Shady: Find Your Slim [LinkUp]


Running into XXL Magazine’s website and found that there’s a rumor the artist Eminem is become "Thick Shady". Rumor has it that Slim Shady gained over 200 pounds. In responding to the rumor, a spokesperson for Slim Fast proposed a plan to help Eminem become a Slim-Fast success.

Now, it’s only a rumor that Eminem is 200 lbs. There are currently no recent photos and I rather post things that are factual. I just thought it was funny that XXL would even report such stupid, petty issues.

Oh well… LinkUp…

Slim-Fast Designs Weight Loss Program For Eminem – XXLMag.com

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  • kerryanne

    eminem is so fine ufft ding

  • jamie

    tell me bout it

  • daisy

    so ya sayin dat he aint fine ill lve to be wid anyday m8t