Wesley Snipes: Anti-Tax Activist…

As some of you may know, Wesley Snipes were recently in court for Tax fraud. For those who needs a quick update, here’s a video clip from the AP:

While the media paints Wesley Snipes as a "tax cheater", it does paint an interesting argument… one that a lot of people questioned, yet the government refused to answer. That question is… "is there a law that allows the Federal Government to collect taxes from our income?"

In 2006, I brought up this question on the old forum, along with a video.

The closest answer I have gotten was from ASALI who spoken to a family member about this:
He told me that he has heard about this before, and that this is not the first video to circulate on the internet for a while. He told me that what was being said is not exactly true. There are only two ways to avoid paying taxes and not have to suffer through an [audit]. 1) NEVER pay taxes in the first place and 2) do not file taxes for 3 or more years you are no longer in the system. However, if someone or something (as in your job) claims you and has you listed as receiving money then you are considered still in the system.
Sadly, this didn’t answer my question. All this "tax lawyer" said was how to avoid paying taxes, when my real question is pretty simple: "Is there a law that requires me to pay taxes from my income?"
Think about it. There’s all this talk about a recession going on and April 15th is coming rather fast. Some of us can’t afford to pay for our bills, more or less our income taxes and yet, we’re going to save up so that we can pay (or overpay) that very same tax. Wesley Snipes asked the same question and looked at what happened. No answer. Doesn’t this seems odd to you? The government is required to answer the question, and yet, they didn’t.
Well, since this is the year we all want to change, let’s change the way we look at this law. Instead of listening to the media telling you that Wesley Snipes is a tax cheat, look up the law yourself. Here are some places where you can study the evidence and make up your own mind.
The 861 Evidence – Flash Presentation (presented like an informational video)
Taxable Income – PDF File
Remember… I’m not suggesting that you "break the system". I’m suggesting that you read into it and see for yourself instead of listening to common knowledge… because common knowledge isn’t always correct.
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