We Need More Power, Scotty! (Or How You Can Help Me Out)

Thought Remixer is basically “the blog that tries". In other words, I’m trying things here and there, posting up thoughts that I know you guys will like. However, with the Boondocks still over my head, I need help getting over. So, I need help! Just answer this question:

What do you want me to talk about? 

Got an answer? Good. Now, head over to “Contact the Thought Remixer”  and drop your idea. Or leave your idea in the comment section. Make sure it’s related to what’s on the site. Here are a few ideas of what I’m looking for (the ones in bold, I need badly):

  • Music, both old school and new school.
  • Cover Songs or Songs That Uses Similar beats
  • Political
  • Social Events (US or International)
  • Spoken Word/Music that is done by new talents (Def Poetry will be covered, try to send ones that are not Def Poetry type)
  • Any type of advice that is related to Hip-Hop School of Thought
  • Artwork
  • Comics
  • Web Series

What I will not accept:

  • Any comic ideas for Striply Drama (the comic that is relaunching soon)
  • Any gossip, rumors or ideas that can’t be verified.
  • Any fictional accounts of current events (Example: The Onion. I think I’m dramatic enough)

So, if you can help, send an e-mail or drop a comment with your e-mail. I will look them over. Thanks!

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