Watch As I Go Twit, Twit, Twit…


Whenever I find an issue worth talking about, I’ll blog about it. However, there’s things that I would like to just say “oh lookie… I found a cool thing worth talking about”. Other times, I just wanna say what I’m doing at the moment that may capture your interest. Any who, I decided to open up a Twitter account. I know about it for a long time, but only opened it now.

I already add it to the sidebar (your right) on the blog and will add it to other places eventually.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you like.

I’ll only blog worthy items… not stuff like what I’m literally doing every minute of the damn day… not like a certain lifeblogger name Justine. I need my downtime, you know.

Oh yeah… since some readers are animation freaks, I’ll make sure to twit some of what I’m watching at times. Of course, you’ll want to avoid those if you’re not…

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