Valentine’s Day Music Videos: Mya and Lauryn Hill

Been a while since I posted a music video up. This time around, since it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided that two ladies should entertain you. One lovely lady, who recently made the news, is getting a part in the Boardway’s play "Chicago". She will be playing Velma Kelly. She also had a small part in the film adaptation of the long-running musical. So, here’s Mya with one of my favorite videos, "My Love Is Like… Woah"

Sadly, not all of us are have love ones or we have an "ex-factor" in our lives. No one knows this pain more than Lauryn Hill. Ms. Hill (as she likes to be called) produced this track off her first (and officially, only) album, The Miseducation Lauryn Hill. This track is called "The Ex-Factor". She’s also in the news, but only as a reminder that this song and video is "a mean love song". A very mean love song, indeed.
As for yours truly, it’s a lonely V-Day for me. I’m not "alone", just "a lone" at the moment. Well, maybe next year, love. 😉
Edit 02/15/08: Just editing a few typos. I really need to recheck my work before pressing "publish"…
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