Upgrading Your Skill Level in 24 Hours

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, HA! I’m FAMOUS!

I wrote an article for Freelance Switch, one of my favorite blogs. It’s a “guideline” on how to upgrade your skill level using Parkinson’s Law in a “controlled situation”. The article is penned under my real name and they made it less wordy (something I’m always guilty of), but you can clearly tell that it’s my style of writing (you know, the “get real with yourself” style).

People are commenting, and it resonates with a lot of freelancers. They are also reviewing this article on other sites. I’m amazed with the response and feedback…

… and upset that my MAIN BUSINESS site is not UPDATED! EEK! Betta get to work!

So, today’s linkup as well as the make up for the Productive Monday, I present to you:

How To Upgrade Your Skill Level in 24 Hours

Exclusive to Freelance Switch… written by yours truly!

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