True Colors – It’s Punk’d & Chris Rock Rolled Into One

Ever wondered what happens if there’s a hidden camera show, but instead of doing practical jokes, it does one based on racism? How would you handle it? Crackle, a Sony owned site, decided to find out with a show called “True Colors”. It’s a show with Dwayne Smith ("Lonely Girl"), Lisa Bohacek and Circle of Confusion serving as executive producers of the series, which is produced by Sony Pictures Television. However, the show is not on TV, but on the Internet:

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So far, they released 4 episodes, and recently started to upload this show to their youtube channel in an effort to raise awareness of the show. Each show sets up a “mark” that will be confronted with a situation based on a racial stereotype. While it is a “situation comedy”, some answers may shock you. Eventually, the gig is up and they have shown their “true colors”. This episode I posted is their most recent and most shocking yet. A white man was caught with his true feelings about a non-existent “white tax”, a tax that a black actor charged him extra for based on the fact that he’s white.

Oh… and if you ever wondered what happened afterwards which they don’t usually show, enjoy. (For some reason, the video clip may play upon rolling your mouse over the video.)

In addition to the “Interview about that guy”, there’s also the other episodes for your viewing pleasure above.

Only time will tell if the series catch on, but at least one things for sure: This little experiment shows that racism did not end when Obama became President (like duh…).

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