Topics You Should Never Discuss: Blaming the Internet for Hip-Hop’s Death

On, one of the main topics of the day is the discussion of who’s more to blame for the wackness in Hip-Hop. A good topic to discuss… until you see the contenders. 3D_Matrix_Communication_big03

The South Or The Internet.

The South or The Internet.

The South or the… can someone please smack the “Elite Member” of SOHH outside his skull, please? How can you pit “The Internet” against “The South”? That’s like basically pitting CD-Burners Vs. MP3 and asking “which is killing hip-hop faster?”

Alright, I sound like I’m hating. Breathe in.

This is a sad argument. What makes it sadder are the people even voting. So, instead of making a case on their forum, saying why this issue isn’t even shouldn’t be discuss, I’ll make a point here.

First off, pitting two sources against each other isn’t a very constructive argument. There are a lot of elements that places a factor on why “Hip-Hop is wack” nowadays. Yes, wack. Not dead.

Second, the Internet did nothing to deserve such a bad rap. If anything, it helped make Hip-Hop even greater. For example, all the Boondocks soundtracks are online. Instead of putting together a soundtrack and make more money off it, the songs within Boondocks (saved for Huey’s Theme and another song that played during Stinkmeaner’s second go-round by Isabelle Antena) were put on a mixtape. One genius way of marketing (and something you have to give Aaron McGruder credit) is that the Boondocks do not give a clear list of what songs was featured on the show, making people hit the Internet and talk about it. Suddenly, these unknown rappers are now known. Without this type of marketing, you may not know who Metaphor The Great or Asheru is.

Speaking of undiscovered hip-hop artists, that’s the third talking point. Thanks to blogs and social networks, artists that can’t get radio airplay can still be talked about. Not a day go by that I have not heard a new success story. I done a post about Tech N9ne’s appearance on Sway/King Tech/DJ Revolution’s Wake Up Show and how he manages to keep a support base by using the Internet.  Gym Class Heroes are an indie Hip-hop/rock band that is headlining stadium tours and now, finally getting radio airplay all thanks to the Internet. When the people gets to speak on what they want to hear, everyone wins.

So, instead of pitting the Internet as a fault in Hip-Hop, why not talk about, blog about, write about or discuss who you wanna hear on the radio? Why not talk about the cool indie videos you seen?

Because without the Internet, you won’t be able to even DISCUSS that pointless question you asked, jackass.

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