Tommy Bottoms – Basic Economics

So, are you having a hard time understanding economics? With all the talks of the economy, there is some people who don’t really understand it, especially those who didn’t make it through grade school. So, to break it down, I looked for someone who can break it down in rhyme. And Tommy Bottoms might be able to do the trick for ya.

This poet from Atlanta explains how the drug game and the Wall Street game is really the same. I think y’all better listen just a few times, because he does get a little tricky with his delivery. (But it sounds so fresh and clean!)

I try my best to stay away from featuring mainstream Def Poets, but since not everyone follows the poetry/spoken word/poetry slam/poets thing, I’ll try to cover both Def Poets as well as other artists following their hip-hop roots.

So, for now, peep the flow. Enjoy!

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