Thought Remixer To Interview MIMS… Eventually (Updated)

I’m personally proud to announce that I will be having a series of exclusive interviews. My first (of hopefully many) will be with Shawn Mims (known as MIMS), founder and leading artist of American King Music who’s hit “This Is Why I’m Hot” gave birth to his first album “Music Is My Savior”. Of course, this song was both his gift as well as his curse. Trying to prove that he’s not a “one-hit wonder”, he’s bouncing back with his second album, which was supposed to be called “I Am Hip-Hop’s Savior” and to be release in December is now named “Guilt” and will be release in April. Why the name change? Will he be able to drop the “one-hit wonder” and “ringtone rapper” off his resume? Can he be taken serious as an emcee?

Well, I will be asking the hard-hitting questions about his music, his life after his first album and how his second album will define the American King Music movement (yes, I know. I’m trying to sound dramatic here). This should be an interesting interview, nevertheless. The interview will be recorded and edited for time.

However, I know that you probably got some questions for him as well. So, this is your chance to put into the pool some if your questions. Because of the limited interview time, I can only pick about so many. However, if you ask a good question that I haven’t thought of, I’ll ask it in the interview AND credit you as well. (meaning links to your site when interview is posted up) To partake in this discussion, just leave your questions in the comment section below.

Also, spread the word around if you can. Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend (as My DJ partner would say).

Closing Time for Questions: Tuesday @ 10 AM. Interview will be hours after that.

Update (3/4/09 8:27 PM): Tuesday, the day of the interview had a lot of problems. Most phone problems where Mims’ people basically gave up. I received another e-mail apologizing for the difficulties and will try again Thursday. So, I will be interview Mims… eventually.

Update (3/14/09): The Interview took placed on Thursday, 3/5/09. I’m currently waiting for my friend to “normalize the volume” of the interview.

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