Thought Remixer – Internal Updates… [IN]

There’s a lot going on in my mind and I want to make sure that I share it with you. I want to keep you up-to-date on the upcoming changes to the site as well as new productions and projects. So, here’s what’s going down…

Thought Remixer Update: Introducing Digi’s Widgets!

Just so you guys know, I will be working on another blog called “Digi’s Widgets”. Here’s a quick “why”. I still want to talk about productivity and digital tricks. The problem is, no one really cares about it on this blog. So, I’m putting the old material and mirroring it on Digi’s Widgets. So, if you want your social commentary, insight and entertainment, Thought Remixer is where it’s at. If you want software tips and using your computer, cell phone and so on to make your life easier, Digi’s Widgets is where you want to go. Now, there’s only one post, but more will come. :)

Posting Schedule

Here’s a schedule I will try to keep up with.

  • Tuesdays: New Music Videos – Recent music videos will pop up on the radar.
  • Fridays: Rewind Music Videos – On Fridays, I’ll post a “back in the day” music video.
  • Saturday: Lazy Saturdays are Linkups of not only posts on Thought Remixer, but other posts that capture my attention outside of Thought Remixer.

There will be no posts on Sunday.

Striply Drama Is Coming Back!

Some of you guys are so patience. Striply Drama will be coming back. It’s being rebooted with new stories, and even crazier characters that you think they don’t exist. But then again, it is slightly based on my current going ons! When it’s coming? Soon… just keep it lock here!

Obama Mixtape

The Obama Tribute Mixtape is alive. The problem? Well… I got to record my vocals for my side of the mixtape! So, you will be getting a mixtape days before the election. Just in time to go to rallies with and when Obama wins, a PERFECT time to show people what’s really good!

Dream Chasers

The post with Nina B is one of the first of a new category called “Dream Chasers”. Basically, this will cover hip-hop moments in the making as I interview and side with people who are using their talents as a vehicle to make their dreams a reality. I’ll try to do that type of feature at least twice a month.

Twitter & Other Places

Just in case you did not know, there’s my myspace music page. Also, check me out on Twitter. I get into it with other twitter users, but also post up tidbits that I think you should really look out for. Think of it as Thought Remixer news breaks. However, as I’m using Twitter for more than just small time posts, I am going to create a “mini-blog” section of Thought Remixer to post up quick news. But this is a maybe. I got too many places to post. *shake my head* 


This blog is basically for hip-hop lovers and thought remixers all around the word. However, I do would like to take a time out or two to promote something that is within NYC. So, if you may…

I’m an affiliate of GhettoVibes and we will be holding a Halloween Party. Check out the info below and I hope to see you there!


So, with that, I hope you enjoy your weekend.

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  • Mo

    Striply Drama is back? word?

  • Nukirk

    It’s coming back. The artist was selected, the stories are captured. There’s a lot of energy. Just need to get outta… that situation… ya know?