The Wackness: Metro’s 25 Reasons

25reasonsToday is the 4th of July. In America, we will celebrate our Independence Day. But as our liberties are being taken away wly and a messed up ecomony,  I wonder why are we celebrating. One headline that capture my eye is the Metro: a free newspaper in NYC. They come up with 25 Reasons why the USA still rocks. I honestly thought this would give us some hope. What I found instead was a sad attempt at humor.

So, I will combat their 25 reasons with my own 25 reasons why America won’t be the same America if we don’t take a stand. Here they are.

  1. I live in the greatest city in the world. And yet, I can’t play with firecrackers. It’s illegal to own and play with firecrackers, even thought it was alright when I was a child… 15 years ago.
  2. The front page of today’s Daily News talks about Madonna and Alex Rodrigez getting together. I swear, it looks more like “Star” than “Daily News”.
  3. In Amsterdam, prostitution and weed is legal. Here on the other hand, you get arrested for smoking a plant and selling your body for sex…
  4. … yet, according to the Metro, we are proud of our $100 pimp.
  5. We need permission for everything, from selling our own wares to shooting a video to travel out the US.
  6. We will get sued for modifying something we brought… even if you are not planning to sell the modified item.
  7. Want to travel outside the US? Canada and other US territories is about as realistic as your travel dollar will take you. Then again, the media is coined a word “staycation” for these troubling times.
  8. People from other countries visit America right now because it’s like a discount. The American dollar is so weak, while some people is trying to decide between food and a phone bill, visitors are trying to decide between an Ipod and a Blu-Ray player.
  9. There’s people who are holding two jobs… and still need food stamps.
  10. While the economy is in much need of recovering, a lot of former Clinton supporters are now making a big issue of Obama’s middle name… as if we didn’t know what it is already. Maybe if we are lucky, they may also point out that his last name rhymes with “Osama” too.
  11. New York Yankees. The only team that I know of that can build a stadium with money from New York city and have the nerve to charge about $2.5k for front row seats in their new stadium.
  12. We have a lot of parties, but only two of them can get on all the states ballots… and we can’t cry reform.
  13. We claim to be “past race”, but there’s so many people hating.
  14. We have a lot of musicians, but somehow, we are stuck listening to the same 40 songs.
  15. We talk about drugs on mainstream freely, but if you get caught with using them (not selling them), you’ll be hit with extreme jail times… especially in New York.
  16. A woman selling her body is more controversial and looked down upon than a man murdering and selling drugs.
  17. We are answering the oil crisis… by looking for more oil. Even thought we admitted to an oil addiction. So basically, if oil was crack, then we need to make more crack. Not to ween off of crack, but to literally find more crack.
  18. If a black person cries for unity among our people, the government is quick to break it up. Yet, they don’t do the same to the jews, the hispanics, the hillbillies…
  19. The majority of the US are “”white blue-collar workers”. Yet, we are selling and buying items that are made in China…
  20. Speaking of China, don’t you think the biggest paradox is that even a small American flag was made in China?
  21. There’s so people that thinks religion and state should be separate… yet more people are concern about what religion Obama is than what his policy on Iraq.
  22. Isn’t it me, or do I find it ironic that when people say “biased media”, somehow “Fox News” is an exception? Especially when Fox have more complaints against them than any other news organization in the known world?
  23. The right to bear arms is being taken away from us slowly. I’m all for the fact that people should not carry major killing weapons, but eventually, if they take away this right, then the only want to carry these type of weapons are cops…
  24. … and I pretty sure some people remembered what happened the last time cops got trigger happy.
  25. Lastly… everyone hear fears being audited more than death. Ironically… THIS is the very reason why we declare a revolution.

So… I ask again… what are we celebrating???

Happy BBQ day… since we’re clearly not Independent anymore.

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  • Geoff

    Yeah, well, July 4th won’t ever be the same for me.

    My grandfather passed a year ago today.

  • Nukirk

    Sorry to hear that Geoff. :( My condolences. I know what it’s like to feel sting after the first anniversary of someone passing away.