The Soul Out Theory


Tila Tequila. The Madonna of MySpace. The Walking/Talking/Soul-Out artist/blogger/singer/actress/”hottie female dog” (y’all figure it out) as of last night (or whenever the show was record) is single again. Why should you care? Let’s back track.

For those who’s not in the know, Tila Tequila was the “prize” in her own reality TV show, “A Shot of Tequila”. It was in it’s second season and Tila got dumped by the woman she chosen. Don’t know the woman’s name, didn’t watch the show, but her that Tila was upset about the ordeal, asking why it’s so hard for her to find love.

While everyone focuses on the juicy gossip this show brings and everyone will blog about how perfect the ending is, I’m looking at it from a different angle. At first, it seems like a  predictable plot. Sell-out Star placing herself as the prize, everyone wanted a piece of her, and eventually, lover realize she doesn’t want any part of her because she pretty much crossed a line that Tila crossed long time ago and realize that maybe it’s not in the cards. It’s to be expected. Except, you got the “sell out” part wrong.

The term you’re looking for is “soul-out”. It’s similar to sell-out, except the person gave their whole soul to the entire universe to the point that they are transparent. In other words, no surprises and substance. Tila’s life is basically an open book for everyone and their mother to read, which makes her yummy eye candy… and that’s pretty much it. Nothing to keep you interested… well, unless she’s in your collection of steamy pictures to get sticky fingers from.

So, let’s apply the same theory to someone less famous than Tila and ask this question: Can a person who “soul” herself/himself out find inner peace and be with someone? It’s possible, but not without a few adjustments. Those adjustments have to come from within and then showcase to the world. Now, when I say “adjustments”, I’m saying tune into yourself for knowledge. Stay in tune to yourself and you’ll know what it is that you need to adjust. Paying attention to outside world will never help. Just sit in a quiet spot and do what you have to do. Pray even. And eventually, you’ll showcase a new self, someone who everyone will have an interest in. But it’s going to take time.

Notice that I didn’t directly point out what she needs to adjust. Because it’s different for everyone. There are people who knows how to dance around that line and you’ll still want them. I’m pretty sure there’s someone for everyone, especially for someone who think they have no soul left to give. Everyone got that ability. Just some knows how to use it better than others. A good example is Madonna. She gave herself away and managed to keep her life intimate after all her racy years. Wither it’s a good thing or a bad thing is debatable… and I’m not interested in that kind of debate.

So, I hope that’s the lesson that everyone can take from Tila and those who choose to put their life on display for the world to know. Because it’s never easy to find love when you have nothing left to give.

Now, if you excuse me. The softer side of Nukirk is NOT on display for everyone to see. *sniff sniff*

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