The Palin/Biden VP Debate: Things I Noticed

s-VPDEBATE-large You know, I did watch the debate…

… @ Fashion 40…

… with about 50 other people …

… and they cheer and booed so damn much.

So, since recording my thoughts via Twitter was a total wash, I decided to recall a few things that I noticed.

  • “Your time is up” – Wow. This is the first time I ever heard a moderator say that to anyone. And it was to Gov. Sarah Palin. She almost found her groove there.
  • Palin keeps going back to the energy bill. She used it about three times. People were not amused.
  • Palin clearly cannot say “nuclear”. So, people… stop twitting the correct way to say it please. That’s like telling me is “three” not “tree”. But then again, “new clear” is not THAT hard to say.
  • I actually like Gwen Ifill as the moderator. She was a bit more firm and decisive than the first moderator for the Presidential debates. I wish she was doing THAT one instead.
  • Alright… let me get this straight. I want to know if the media is going to wonder if “shout out” is a code for “bomb”. They did, after all, thought a pound between Barack and Michelle Obama was a “terrorist fist gab”. Speaking of shout outs, is hip-hop going to be blamed if she didn’t mean to say it like that?
  • She was winking at me? Was she’s trying to charm me? Palin better be careful. She might have an accident she may try to hide from her husband…
  • Palin is so… so… nice. “May I call you Joe?” awww…
  • … it’s ashamed that Senator Joe Biden nailed her to the ground.
  • Biden spoke with confidence and look as though he spoke from experience. Palin looked as though she was fishing for words.
  • Biden only tells a few “connection stories”. Basically, this is my way of saying he tries to use is experience to connect with the audience. This is okay at times because you want to connect with the audience. Palin, however, abused this privilege.
  • You want to get smashed real good? Watch the debate again and drink every time the word “maverick” and “hockey mom” was said. If by the end of the debate, you are wasted, then take another sip and go to sleep. if you are a female, please call me before you watch it again. (cheap shot)
  • Interesting tidbit. I was watching CNN and they have that… “agree/disagree bar”. When Biden spoke about the plan to make Iraq responsible for their own military and withdraw, the dials when up. Both men and women agreed (with women liking him more). When the Sarah Palin talked about “white flag of surrender”, those dials dropped. Hmmm… for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go.
  • I mean, she sounds like Bush at times… I mean….

But anywayz, enough about this debate for now. I think there’s other bloggers who already said their piece.

But before I go, I just have to leave you with an entertaining piece to make up for this list. Here y’all go, custody of ill doctrine.

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