The Obama Mixtape: Looking For Your Songs and Your Voice For Obama!

Updated April 23, 2008

New Information can be found here. Don’t bother reading this.

What’s up? This announcement was suppose to be for March 18, but we decided to make it today.  Yes, this is a REAL announcement. in association with

Proudly Presents
The People’s Voice: Unofficial Tribute to Obama
Volume #1: The Red, White and Blue

Producers Nukirk Digi-tal and DJ Tabou TMF are looking for a talented artistic voices for a mix cd tribute to Senator Barack Obama “The Future” President of The United States of America. If you are inspired by HIM and/or the Presidential Election this year, we would like to invite you to join us and freely contribute. Here’s how you can do it:

Musicians/Spoken Word Artists
We are looking for ART (in the form of songs/spoken word recordings and written poems drawings etc..) that are inspired by Obama for a promo Mix Cd.

Doesn’t have to be “pep-rally” ready or “Go, Go, Obama” type of songs. They just have to be positive, motivational, inspirational and fit the theme of Change & Hope Obama speaks about in one way or another. Please send your high quality MP3’s to nukirk at Each submission will be listened to, however, there is no guarantee which ones will be selected.

If your Song or freestyle is selected we will notify you by email so please include your email address and contact info.

All music is welcome. You don’t have to be Hip-Hop, R&B or Reggae etc. to contribute. Rock, Pop and Just Plain ole GOOD Music is welcome.

If you want to be apart of the Mix Cd and are not an artist, you can do a drop or a shoutout and show support for Obama! All you need is a phone…

Call 646-495-9203 and then dial extension: 45860

Then, just record a drop, showing support for Obama and why you think he should be our next President. The only thing we ask is that you keep your drop less than 30 seconds. Be sure to include your name and where you From.

The call is free, but regular phone charges do apply.

Bonus Points: If you can talk about how Obama’s voice can change the world, your voice could be mixed in one of the songs/freestyles that producers are creating!

You can record as many drops as you want. However, only the best ones will be selected.

Fair Use Policy
Just to keep everything fair, we are just doing this for the love. So when you submit your songs or drops, you agree that you are volunteering your services, voice/persona. This project is not for personal profit.

Drops will become the property of and We will be doing a big promotion for the mixtape and pushing it via our myspace, various website, and other places as a free download. We will also be giving copies away on the streets of NYC and if you’re interested in doing the same in your area please let us know by email

The release date: TBA,  Have No Fear – it will be very soon :)

Submission Deadline and other details
All Creative content MUST be received by Friday, April 18, 2008, No later than 12 AM EST. Once again, not all songs or drops will be included in the final cut if your content is selected we will notify you by email.

Written poems and artwork will be published on and e-zine/magazine.

Please note this is just Volume 1…

Music / nukirk at
Drop / Call 646-495-9203 and dial extension: 45860

More Information: – Hit “Contact” and write a message!

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