The New Domain Name and’s last post

At 9 PM tonight, the last post will be posted. I decided to make a strong case of my hate for one word. No one really understands why I never really like the word, so I was hoping to make a statement. So, around 9 PM EST, let’s see if I make my case clear.

Also, the new domain name has been brought. This blog will be changing to "Thought". Both and are both taken by me.

The blog will be going through a change in the next couple of weeks and by August 1st, the change will be completed. The site will have problems during the change over, so I want to make sure things goes smoothly.

I will be taken some time off blogging to focus on the redesign of the site as well as other projects. I’m currently going through personal business that I have to take care of, which includes finishing up the Obama mixtape (that will be sponsored by Thought and

Also, I would like to know if you guys blog as well. I want to visit like minded blogs and comment. Maybe you have a blog that talks about the things I do (or not). Pass me a link. Let’s network.

Well, it’s been a great run. I’m in a "brand rebuilding" stage. It’s going to hurt for a minute… but I know the results will be good in the long run.

While I am taking a break from blogging, I will be somewhat active. So, make sure to send me a note… via the contact form on, the comments section, or my myspace site. 

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves and thank you for visiting.

P.S. – All posts on will be transferred to Tags will be fix to help organize things better. The old forums at, however, will be terminated.

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