"The Nationalist Movement" Protesting the "Jena 6" [Video]

This video is a bit late, but I figured that this is something worth covering. On Monday, a group called "The Nationalist Movement" went to Jena,LA to protest against the "Jena 6". According to the AP, "A crowd mostly made up of members of the media listened as four white separatists demanded white rights, severe prosecution of six black teens accused of beating a white classmate and an end to the Martin Luther King holiday."
While the "movement" have been somewhat delayed, they consider the movement a success. Of course, I don’t understand what "white rights" are, especially since they done this on the day that honored a civil rights leader that were for equal rights.
With the political race and everything else going on, my guess is that this country is going to see the WORSE in race related issues this year. We’re going to eventually break out of this comfort zone that we are still trapped in. How it will happen depends on how we look at the issues. We can’t end racism. But we can at least teach unity and apperception for one another. Don’t believe it? Well, if you’re thinking that way, how the hell are we suppose to do? What’s the name of this site, dammit?!?!
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  • http://www.nationalist.org/news/releases/2008/012101.html orsky


    JENA – Communists tried to conceal their Red-connections by renaming themselves
    the “January 21st Committee,” but the self-described “Revolutionary Communist
    Party” failed in its vow to “stop” Nationalists from speaking and marching in
    Jena, Louisiana, saying “No to Jena Six, No to MLK.” Richard Barrett said that
    “the whole civil-rights scam began when Rosa Parks broke the law and got away
    with it. It ended when Mychal Bell broke the law and didn’t get away with it.”
    Counter-demonstrators, waving the Communist clenched-fist salute, tried to break
    through police-lines to attack the Nationalists, who had secured a federal-court
    order prohibiting interference with their event at the LaSalle Parish Courthouse,
    but police arrested one Negro, for assault, and shoved the others off the
    courthouse-green. Said George Ferguson, who led the color-guard, “I am glad
    to remember Justin Barker, the victim of the Jena Six” on “Jena Justice Day”.

    Martin Luther King, whose speech-writer, fund-raiser and manager were all members
    of the Communist Party, had used the self-declared “Southern Christian Leadership
    Conference” as his front. Government-reports on his subversive-activities
    were so appalling that they have been sealed until 2027. Ceremonies kicked off
    with a musical-rendition of “If the South Would of Won We’d of Had It Made”
    followed by a stirring “Star-Spangled Banner”. Master-of-Ceremonies Barry
    Hackney called for abolition of the Civil Rights Bill and repeal of King Day. “We
    vow to take our democracy back,” he said, “by ending minority favors in this
    country.” He was cheered by some one-hundred supporters, some waving signs,
    “Justice for All, Favors for None”. Michael Brown read the “Forsyth County
    Covenant”, which demanded national-voting, by referenda. Judge Richard Lee,
    who had opposed forced-bussing, was lauded, vowing that “the fight goes on.”

    On a two-mile parade through town, marchers carried the historic “No King Over
    Us” banner, which had been unfurled by Nationalists at the King Grave. Mark
    Brown carried a sign, “Down With Communism”, while Dennis Kees carried a noose,
    symbolic of the Virginia-State-motto, “Sic Semper Tyrannus”. The Nationalists
    had struck down a town-regulation prohibiting firearms, but had said that they would
    be unarmed. However, David DuPree and his son did bear weapons, which Hackney
    reaffirmed “is their right.” During the parade, marchers handed out American and
    Nationalist flags to on-lookers. At Jena High School, Barrett presented a flag to a
    young couple and kissed their baby. “We’re going to take this school back, so that
    this baby will, one day, be safe and free,” he said, as paraders chanted, “This land
    is our land, Up with the USA” and “Jail the Jena Six”. Counter-demonstrators
    giving marchers the “finger” heard, “Nigger Go Home”, in return.

    The Communists heckled the parade from the rear, but were dispersed by Sheriff
    Carl Smith. James L. Hart rejoiced that the “Communists, anarchists, Black-Panthers,
    officials, lawyers and FBI were all backed down.” The town had tried to levy a
    $10,000.00 fee, which the Nationalists had declared unconstitutional. A petition
    calling for abolition of Mayor Murphy McMillin’s “Inter-Racial Committee” was
    signed. An identical group had been dissolved by Forsyth County, Georgia, after
    Nationalists won their lawsuit. Greg Aymond exclaimed, “I was pleasantly surprised
    that the police did not interfere. Everything went well and the Black-Panther,
    even, got arrested.” The Communists were furious that their fifth-straight attempt
    to “stop” the Nationalists in Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas and
    Pennsylvania had failed. “We’re watching you,” glowered D. L. Marquie. But
    William Boquet retorted, “We’re keeping up our good work.”

    © 2008 The Nationalist Movement

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