The Most Overused Samples in Hip-Hop [LinkUp]

Ever heard “Why You Treat Me So Bad”, “I Got 5 On It” and “Satisfy You” and wondered… who’s the next artist that’s going to use that beat? Well, first off, wonder no more, because it’s going to be me. *snickers*

But if there’s one thing we love about hip-hop is that it uses samples from classic records, aka “making something from nothing”. But as producing beats and live instrumentals become more and more accepted, sampling is still one art form that is makes hip-hop unique. However, there are times when these samples are overused. Audiotuts came up with 8 of the most over-used samples in Hip-Hop history.

I don’t think they wrote this article as to bash Hip-Hop, but more to educate you. I found this article interesting, but I think the list is lacking some details. However, like all lists, they care debatable. :)

8 Most Over-Used Samples In Hip Hop HistoryAudiotuts (Audio Tutorial site)

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