The Little Details… Just Like Junior High School…

Obama Snubs

What’s the big freaking deal with this damn picture? And why is this well taken photo getting more press than The State of the Union?

Are we as Americans this stupid to vote on every little action? It seems that ever since the start of this race, the media is using every trick in the book to paint Sen. Hilliary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama to develop drama and tension between these two. What is this? The Media is basically fucking with our emotions. Instead of reporting the news, it’s reporting this as if the 10 o’clock news is looking for a juicy story like April O’ Neil and the New York Times is writing this out like the latest novel.

Media… wake up… seriously… you need a wake up call… This is the type of thing we would expect out of John Stewart… when he’s playing “Jon Stewart”… not the damn press! I mean, have you guys NOT learned what Jon Stewart said during the last election?

Come on… wake the F up. This is for a high seat in the US. The highest seat in the World even… and if you’re going to treat this like Big Brother: Presidential Edition, please let me know now.

In other news… Senator John Edwards dropped out of race, which now gives more votes for either Clinton or Obama when Super Tuesday (this coming Tuesday) comes around. At press time, he did not endorse either candidate. I still say he’s going to be a running mate. (I don’t think Clinton wants the Vice-President seat. But that’s just me talking here)

On the Republican side, “America’s Mayor” FINALLY DROPPED OUT! At last, Republican Representative Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani back out of the race and endorses John McCain, a guy who I rather see running. Hopefully, Giluliani will just bow out of politics in general… because when a certain ex-mayor critized you more the previous mayor, you should take a hint… you’re not really someone who should run a country when your own city taps their collective toe at you…

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  • rjholla2003

    …sigh. Gotta give us something to talk about. Sensationalist media.