The Last.Fm Chart Exchange

What’s up people?

Doing something different this post around. I decided to partake in a “Last.Fm Chart Exchange”. Every week, my weekly plays from not only my own Last.FM profile, but from other profiles that are included in the exchange. The idea of course is to cross promote our own blogs and charts.

Of course, some of you may not know what Last.Fm is, so I’ll make a brief introduction:

Last.Fm is a social media site that saves your music plays. By plugging your media player with a plugin called an “AudioScrobbler”, it "scrobbles” the music you playing. Last.Fm tracks all your music plays, giving you a feedback of what you played in the last 7 days, months or even years. You can organize your data, tag artists and tracks, even making custom radio stations. I used to subscribed to Last.Fm so I can have it play new music for me and at $3/month, it was worth it! :)

Well, enough with that. If you want to partake in the chart exchange, you simply need a Last.Fm account and a (public) blog.

Now, for the charts.

Nukirk Digi.tal’s Chart (Thought Remixer)
Oct. 20-26

It was an Alien Ant Farm week for me. :) You might noticed that I’m the least active of the Last.Fm charts. The reason being is because I don’t have the software to chart my MP3 player’s chart. While iTunes can track it very well, I don’t use Apple products other than Quicktime. I have my own reasons for it, which I will blog about one day.

Another thing… I’ve been using’s that also scobbles to my chart as well as alert my Twitter account with what I’m thinking of about the piece about to play. I am all up in the internets. Influencing de peeples! lol

Write For Freedom‘s chart
Oct. 20-26

This is the newest person on my blogroll. Aspiring writer. "Genius" level. Jealous? Maybe.

She’s got a John Legend thing going on this week.

Laya’s Chart
Oct 20 – 26

Tha 4.0 Show’s Chart
Oct. 20-26

So, I got a lot to talk about this week. So stay tuned!

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