The Boondocks Conspiracy Theories


A lot of people been hitting up this blog, hoping there’s more Boondocks news. If you guys can look at what I have in the backend, the most popular search words for this site have to do with the "banned episodes". For those who still are not on the know, listen (or read) up.

Weeks ago, two episodes of The Boondocks were pulled from the Adult Swim’s programming. One was called "The Hunger Strike" and the other was called "Uncle Ruckus’ Reality TV Show". Both episodes were rumored to be pulled because they both contain references to BET and the current administration. One of the members of the BET’s Administration is Reggie Hudlin, who is a producer of The Boondocks. Now, the episodes were "banned" from TV, which caused an uproar with fans and had a lot of people blaming BET. However, the official word is this:

"The two episodes you were asking about are not scheduled to air on Adult Swim. We really have no further comment but you should know that neither Turner nor Adult Swim were contacted by BET, Ms. Lee or Mr. Hudlin."

So, what is the real reason? Could there be a conspiracy now that Aaron McGurder is playing in the big leagues?

Before you think there is a conspiracy going on, people, let’s get back to reality. By using common sense, I’m going to disprove some of the notions that people on the web is making about this:

BET Did Not Approve of Trademark Use.

BET logo’s are a trademark, which needs clearance for use, no matter what. They have to have permission to use this trademark for commercial purposes. Now, any publicity is good publicity and BET is not going to turn down a chance to make money, even if it’s with an enemy. Sony, the company that is distributing and are the copyright holders of the Boondocks TV series, must had made a deal with BET way before the BET logo was drawn on a frame cell. Reggie Hudlin works for BET and knows Aaron McGruder. Do you think BET is going to go out of their way to make an example of The Boondocks? I don’t think so.

Sony or Adult Swim would have gotten sue.

People talk bad about BET all the friggin’ time. What would BET gain out of Sony or Adult Swim? Sony and Adult Swim would had a lot more to gain than BET at the moment. Also, going to court is a slow progress. Since when Justice is ever swift? And this is about a cartoon here. Please.

Aaron McGurder should have stuck with the comics now that he’s playing with the big boys.

Ever notice how Aaron McGruder is quiet? He doesn’t answer any questions from fans, didn’t make any press releases and only drop hints on his myspace page (yep, that plain ass page is his… maybe). There’s a reason why he works like that…

Now, that I got your attention, he’s what it comes down to…


If you compare the first season to the second season, the second season received a lot of lukewarm press. And when I say "lukewarm press", I mean a lot of critics and fans grilled the second season alive (myself included). If all of the episodes were aired and only one or two of them is actually any good, then people would be happy with just recording those episodes and skip buying the DVD altogether. That will hurt sales as well as a chance for any type of renewals. 

So, how do you keep it going? By making cutbacks and your own rumors.

From a business standpoint, not showcasing two episodes that are highly anticipated and calling them "banned episodes" will save the DVD sales from falling completely flat on it’s face. Now, instead of getting people who would have collected the episodes to complete their collection, they will also get people who would not buy the DVD in the first place just to see those two episodes. But a lot of people wonder… why those two episodes? If you know the history of BET and the comics, then the answer is oblivious; to create a conspiracy (aka buzz). To have people like me talk about the buzz until the DVD comes out.

Clips were leaked out and Aaron McGruder will stay quiet about this issue, working on other things as well as trying to make sure that Season 3 fares out much better than Season 2.

Now, is this the ultimate answer? No. I’m just offering a hunch… because I would do the same thing.

But Aaron’s not talking… and he has every right too. He’s not going to admit that the season didn’t work out the way it was planned. Instead, he’ll just read feedback and know what not to do. His bread and butter is safe. The only question is… for how long?

Edit Feb. 15, 2008: To assure the highest standards, I edited the article a bit after noticing some typos. Other than the typos and clarifying points, the article’s main point did not changed.

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    Well, I’ll reiterate what I’ve said before.

    No “banned” episodes on the DVD equals zero interest in purchasing the DVD for myself. And if they don’t put them on the DVD, I’ll boycott it. Anyone who was eagerly waiting for the Hunger Strike episode to air should do the same.

    But still, I hope they make it a 15 episode season on DVD. But the possibilty of a 13 episode DVD scares me still. I personally doubt it’ll be a 13 episode DVD.

    I’ve even asked (by email) to Sony a couple of times now about when the DVD comes out and if they’re gonna put those episodes on the DVD.
    So far, their answers don’t satisfy me. The final email I’ve sent is did BET pressure them to pull the episodes? And if so, will they put them on the DVD to make up for those two wasted weeks we’ve spent.

    That’s opinion in a nutshell.