The Blackbird Debate – Radio and Video

I done an Interview on the Techno Color Radio Show, a new Podcast series on Blog Talk Radio. They talked with 40A’s Ed Young. My interest on Blackbird and testing it prompted one of the Twitter peeps (@iluvblackwomen) to ask me on his show to debate the subject.

So, here’s my take on the subject. Please note that I’m not the world’s greatest speaker and I’ll openly admit that. While I did prep for my interview, execution clearly shows I’m not ready for interviews. Toastmasters, here I come!


At the same time, I did found this video clip, finally putting a face to Ed Young. Since the browser was launched on Monday, he’s been speaking and defending Blackbird, not from the technological standpoint, but from standpoint where he should have a right to produce this type of browser. He sounds a bit naive about the web and how it works.

BlackBird and the "Colorblind" Web from Brian Lehrer Live on Vimeo.

Angela, who appeared in the video, not only talked about her stance on Blackbird and Rushmore Drive, she also talked posted up a blog post on her blog, Black Web 2.0 as well as Tech Crunch about the very issue that Blackbird “sang” up.

My post, which focuses on the browser’s features, is not against a black browser, but more of how it should help our community. Just because something is “black” does not mean I will recommend it.

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