The Automatic Genius

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As some of you may have realized, I haven’t been been on the ball for a while. It’s hard when you are behind in a lot of work. It’s even more difficult when you are currently with someone who don’t understand how hard the work is.

Being a creative guy is not easy when people think that all I have to do is push a few buttons and the work is done. My line of work is in itself a paradox because I have one client who thinks that I have an easy job because it’s on a computer. People assume that when you’re on the computer, work is easier and if you have a higher understand than they do, then it’s easier for you. What people fail to realize is that my job is not as easy as it seems. If it was easy, I would not have an outdated portfolio site nor would no one ever notice my long absences from projects. Yet, people do.

I love my freelancing business, yet sometimes, I wish that I learn how to say "no" sometimes because some clients, no matter how hard you try to explain, are not reasonable. And when I say the words "not reasonable", I don’t mean with just demands. Sometimes, I wonder how they stay in business, especially when they don’t have a plan. The client that I’m currently working with has no such plan, which makes the work difficult to consume. However, there is a deeper threat… and that he has no respect at all for the work done.

There are some clients that no matter how hard you work for will not respect you in one way or another. This client don’t respect for my time and energy. How I know? Because his lack of planning. He does not know what he wants, so he’ll accept anything. Then when time gets closer, he’ll change his mind, forcing me to start over. It seems to be that way for quite some time and it gets tiring.

So, as I’m trying real hard not to totally lose it, it maybe a while before you see regular posts. I’m just focusing on the stuff that matters to me to sustain my life on earth.

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