“That One” Entry I Wanted To Make…

Obama aka "That One" I can’t take it anymore.

The media hype. The debates. Oh, and Sarah Palin. I picked Obama months ago (For the record, my good friend, Tabou picked him years ago). I endorsed Obama. And now, no one on this earth can change my mind. You have to be of a higher power to stop me, but He is not going to stop me because He’s too busy handling calls about the other things. :)

But seriously, I’m not blogging anymore about this election until the election. I’m blogging about how to help Obama. But I’m not going to give no more attention to John McCain or Sarah Palin anymore. You want to know why? Because clearly, McCain have lost his mind.

Honestly, this have NOTHING to do with the “That One” sound bite. I honestly believe McCain slipped and it was made a bigger deal than it needs be. He made jokes no one really laughed at during the last debate.

(Note: From this point on… I changed the post. I got depressed because I’m sad about the state of things. So, what I did was I took out my coin. A coin that says “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.” I looked at this coin, knowing that I can only do so much. So, I decided to change the tone a bit…)

However, from a personal standpoint, no matter how many facts I can throw up, it’s not going to matter. Plus, I get depress each time I have to talk about the Election. There’s people screaming “more than two parties” when you know the media is not going to show you what you want, but what they want. There’s people saying rather stupid things based on Republican’s Kool-Aid.

Then you got personal attacks and political attacks on facts that have been debunked over and over again. If I keep painting a dark picture on this blog, then it’s going to be a depressing blog… and I’m not about depressing people.

So, instead, I decided to do the following things: I’m going to talk about Obama and the solutions he brings to the table. No more McCain talk and no more Palin talk. I want to show you why I believe he’s a good guy and some examples of what he had done. I will do the mixtape, which will come out before the month is over. I’m taking a stand.

If you want to come and spoon feed me facts, you are free to do so. But if a 86 year old woman can call Palin a bitch, won’t apologize for it and tells McCain what she really think, then we have to stop and think for a moment. It’s time for a new train of thought.

So, if you are voting for McCain and come here to blast me, by all means… DO IT. I’ll take you guys on! I may not be a political expert, but I am one of the best debaters on this planet. So, bring it. BUT it have to be about Obama. I will tell you only facts, not lies. I will back up with facts. So once again… got a problem with me? Bring IT! I got a group of people that will educate me on anything. They may not be commenting now, but trust me… point them to a place and they will fight. So, one more time… got a problem? Just Bring It!

From now until Election Day, I’m not doing anymore depressing blog posts about McCain and Palin. I see green lights in the future, and “That One” is going to win THIS one.

End of discussion. Next!

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  • http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com sean harrington

    The video, unfortunately, is not all that surprising. The one lady is obviously playing it up for the camera, but not realizing that she’s all along making the interviewer’s point. And the bloodline and name comments are disturbing, but again, not really surprising. Fear can be a powerful thing, and when you can use it a political weapon, you can accomplish much. Look at Hitler. http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/