Support Gangstarr Girl’s Quest to Become “A Superwoman”


Starr - A nice combo of beauty, brains & heart... with a side of dorky.

Last month, I learned about Alicia Keys’ “I Am Superwoman” head blogger’s position. Even thought I wanted to apply for the position, my list of credentials is rather short. So, it came to a surprise to learn that one of my “elite” blog picks managed to land as one of the finalist. That person is Starrene Rhett aka Starr aka Gangstarr Girl. (No relations with the group Gangstarr.) I wanted to write a quick blog post to support her on this quest to become Alicia Keys’ right hand woman, but that’s too easy to do. So, allow me to explain why I’m fully supporting this woman.

Beauty, brains & heart is an extremely rare combination. If I made a list of women who displayed these three qualities to me, it would be a rather short list according to my personal tastes. In order to enhance the other beauty, you gotta have a nice spirit and a heart of a hustler with common sense and street sense to boot. In order to prove you got brains, you gotta be educated in the world as well as the academics. In order to prove you got a heart, you gotta be willing to stand up for what’s right, even if it means placing yourself in an unpopular position and expect nothing in return simply because you did it out of love.

I met a lot of people online and Starr is one of those people who I’m happy to show support to. However, let me be honest for a minute: I never met her in person, even thought we live in the same city. We talk at an uncommon pace (a tweet here and there). I can count on my fingers how often we chat for the past two years. However, even with LIMITED access, I learned a few things about her.

First thing I learned? She’s a freelancer… and she puts me to shame with her hustle. Where can I start with this woman? She’s a known blogger via BET, Vibe, Honey Magazine, XXL Magazine and Dr. Jays… and that’s just for starters! If I have to compare my list to hers, there is no comparison! You think she only rolls with the big ballers, but she’s humble enough to talk to anyone who wants to genuinely reach out to her. If you need more on her resume, I suggest you read her bio on her blog.

Second thing I learned? She’s pretty unique in her presentations. Putting your creativity on the line is not the easiest job in the world. Some people wouldn’t dare video blog because they simply don’t have the courage to be different. I didn’t know Gangstarr video blogs… until one day, I got a DM from her, showing me an interview between her and a fictional rapper played by none other than Starr. This parody interview mocks the stereotypical image of female rappers (well, at least the hardcore ones). I never finished watching the interview because I was pausing way to much to get the laughs out!

It’s not easy to execute an idea by yourself, and then place it for the world to judge you. Yet, she easily put herself out there. Do you need another example? She plays Harriet Tubman in a recent video blog.

Third thing I learned about her? She’s got a heart. On her post on “I Am Superwoman” she revealed something about herself and how she became a leader… in third grade. She wrote about how she became friends with an 8-year-old rape victim, who’s parents were known to have AIDS, even thought the victim did not have it herself. Treated as an outcast, the victim had the whole world on her shoulders. Starr took it upon herself to become friends with her and set an example. Eventually, other classmates follow suit. This moment, along with many others, helped define Starr’s character.

Do I feel she deserves this chance at a rare opportunity? Of course. Being supportive isn’t always about leaving comments on a blog. Sometimes, it’s about telling people why you believe in someone, even if you only spent a few, yet quality time with them. So, consider this as my support for Starr. And I hope you’ll join me in supporting one of the most beautiful, brainy, and heartfelt women I know of…

… after all, she inspired me to diversify where I post blogs. I’ll catch up to her one day… if the Alicia Keys ‘ gig can slow her down a bit!

You can catch Starr blogging on her blog Gangstarr Girl. To show your support, follow her quest to become Alicia Key’s head blogger, make sure to follow her on Twitter.

Lastly, I wish I can offer a straight forward way to her blog posts on Superwoman. Instead, I’ll put up her three blog posts so far. Leave honest comments about them. She will tweet updates when I Am Superwoman approves of them.

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  • GangStarr Girl

    Wow. Wow. Wow. OMG. I'm e-speechless. Seriously. That's one of the nicest things anyone has said or done for me in a very long time. Thanks you so much for your love and support. It's rare that I meet truly genuine people and you, sir, are one of them. Thanks again. I'm honored to have inspired you to even blog about this as a way to show your support.