My latest posts with the videos of the banned episodes caused a ruckus (not the uncle) with my hosting. It’s a good problem to have. However, with the increase in traffic, I decided to push one type of ad up. It’s a “full page” ad that you’ll see once every 24 hours. Just a quick break to help me out.

However, with the banned episodes comes people checking out the site for more than just Boondocks material, which is also a good problem to have. So, I’m starting to take my posting a bit more serious. I recently posted a review of Evernote, a note clipping/capturing program that I think would be helpful. I’ll post up new thoughts as they come. Just make sure to leave your comments and show some love.

And thanks for the links everybody. I promise I will work twice as hard for your affection…

… damn, I hope that didn’t come out wrong…

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  • rjholla2003

    Spike in traffic, huh? Only one word for that: