Soulja Boy – Go Hard… I guess… [Video]

Soulja Boy? On LR? Er… I just wanna show you guys who lyrical he can get by posting a video… one where he literally tells you what he’s saying.

This goes to show you… he knows what’s up. He basically anally raped Hip-Hop. Geez…

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  • Geoff

    I wish I never pressed play. I only got 30 seconds in. I read the lyrics. Full of sh!t.

  • Geoff

    WTF. That’s all I’m asking, America.

  • Nukirk

    Idiot. lol

  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    You can’t be fucking serious! Lyrical? Rhyme scheme a b a b? Lyrical? Punchlines don’t make you lyrical.

    Call me what you want but don’t call me collect? Get the fuck outta here!

    My house too nerdy, I call it Steve Urkle? What the fuck are rambling about.

    This is what kids like. I can dig that. But this ain’t grown man music. I am a grown ass man! Get this Toys-R-Us shit outta here!

  • Nukirk

    I hope you guys know that I was being sarcastic, right?

  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    Oh. I took the phrase “show you guys who lyrical he can get by posting a video” in the wrong context. I thought you meant YOU would post a video showing us how lyrical Soulja Boy could be.

    I was like,”Whoa!” I ain’t even know who posted it.

    Laid the sarcasm on so thick, I couldn’t even see past it.

    Anally raped Hip Hop? Now I can agree with that in the proper context.

    It’s like when you see a mother fucker being so stupid they embarrass you. And they don’t even realize how fucking foolish they look to the whole world.