Some “New” Concepts

(First off, if you don’t know me very well, then you can skip this. This post is going to all my supporters/haters out there. So, feel free to come back another time)

Before we return to the regular schedule programming, I want to clear up a few things. For those who’s been following me in the past. First off, thanks for sticking with me through out the years. But now, I’m going to tell you some ideas that I’m intending to follow through on and my reasons for going there.

There will be no community/social networking site.

First off, after killing off the social network, I’m declared that the community idea at this point is too much work for one person. I’m a freelancer and doing something like a social networking community is very demanding. I love to create new sites that people will use, but at the same time, I have to command a huge audience to make it worthwhile. I had one when “The Boondocks Fan” was up and about, but no longer. Right now, this is the community I need. I interact on your blogs, you interact on mine. Go to your myspace profiles, facebook, whatever. I’m all about the conversation, and as long as the conversation is going on, then that’s all that matters right now.

Will I totally kill off the idea of putting together a community site? No.

The sites I created did bring together like-minded people and build genuine friendships and lasting relationships. Why would I want to turn down something like that? Instead, I’m helping build another community and giving that to another person who’s more capable of keeping the torch going. Will I own one? Possibly, but now, I rather focus on the conversation and building relationships, one at a time.

Just in case you want to ask, there will be no forum. At least not at this point.

Boondocks still lives here.

Most people come to me because of The Boondocks. I thought at first to just eliminate this. But not discussing this show and Aaron McGruder is like… well, talking less about myself. People respect that I have good opinions and news about this show. So, I’m still going to keep “” domain name, but it will redirect to all Boondocks related posts. So, you can call it a “subsite” if you like. All I know for sure is that… I do deliver the news better than 90% of the sites that claims to be “fan sites” but really just leeching off the work of Aaron McGruder.

The future of Thought Remixer and myself

With the past questions answered, what shall the future hold? I’ll tell you one thing for sure…

… I’m not sure.

But I can tell you what I’m personally doing.

  1. I’m focusing on music, a love that is finally starting to surface. Check out to see that love coming to live.
  2. I’m still a web developer and designer. This site isn’t really my best design. It’s not even MY design. This is the real reason why the hiatus took place. I thought none of my designs were good enough, but I started to realize that no one comes to a site just for design alone. So, I used a template and quickly mash up images to come up with this design. So, as I make more content you can wrap your thoughts around, I’ll make sure my design is more mature.
  3. I’ll still post up content here.

You guys will always get the best of me. No filler, raw and uncut.

So, that’s where we will go.

I gave you the pills. Now, hopefully, you’ll shallow… because I only offer the truth. :)

EDIT (5:20 PM): By the way, the Obama Mixtape is still coming out. Just trying to put finishing touches on it. Sorry that I omitted this information. I know some of y’all are planning to kill me. Please don’t. :(

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