She Got Her Own – Ne-Yo Featuring Jamie Foxx & Fabolous

When “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child came out, I actually hated the anthem. Not because I don’t like Independent women, but more like… the women that I was around at that time was not really independent. Then when you tried to play the “irony card”, you’re wrong and you’re not suppose to say anything, even thought you are a little better off than she is. Awww… college love. (This should be quiet telling of my age)

Anyways, the point is, there is nothing more loving than telling a woman that she’s strong enough to stand on her own. However, until recently, we only got that dance track by Destiny’s Child and that “Put A Ring On It” by… well, the same woman who penned that Destiny Child’s track. Actually, when you hear “Put A Ring On It”, it sounds more like a “trap a brother” plead than an Independent anthem. Yikes. TOO strong. Good thing we got Ne-Yo.

Instead of remixing “Miss Independent”, a crafted a new song with the help of Jamie Foxx & the F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s. Meaningful, and nearly soulful voices laces a simple piano backdrop and just snaps for a drum line makes this sounds crisp. In the video, a cameo of Independent Women matches the theme, which includes Eve and… other… women. (Sorry, I don’t recognize them. Leave comments if you know who’s who.) Is this the best song? It got to stand the test of time first. But if you got an independent woman and you appreciate her, then make sure to make a dedication to her when she’s listening to her favorite station. She’s thank you for playing something different…

… just make sure she at least can handle her own. It will be quite embarrassing if she still lives with momma… and not paying one freakin’ bill there… or helping out with her sisters… or brothers…

(Somebody’s going to be fuming when they read that last line.)

Ne-Yo feat. Jamie Foxx and Fabolous – She Got Her Own

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