Shanice Vs. Beyoncé – If I Were A Boy

Ever since Shanice broke out with “I Love Your Smile”, it’s been nothing but love for this woman. However, I feel that Shanice is one of the most underrated singers in the US today. Put her side by side with Beyoncé, I bet she can sing loops around her. Well, by accident, I ran into this little clip by Shanice. Shanice decided to do some videos covering her favorite songs. One of them happen to be a Beyoncé song, “If I Were A Boy”.

So I thought… wouldn’t it be great to put these two side by side?

Well, I decided to do just that. Watch both videos and let me know who you think is the better of the two. I place the live version of Beyoncé performance just to keep things fair. Let the battle begin!

By the way, I love MTV’s new video website. Almost every possible music video. It will make it easy to blog about Rewind classics… well, somewhat. I’ll have to go between MTV and Blastro for music videos now. :) YouTube… a distant third.

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  • http://? Daniel

    WOW!! Both of them were fantastic. I truly can’t pick between them..They both came real strong with the vocals.

  • Nukirk

    Yeah. It can be a though call. The jury in my mind is still out on this one.