Sean Bell: Praying For Justice

seanbell Yesterday, April 15th, was the closing arguments for the Sean Bell trail. For those who are not up to New York news, here’s the brief story.

On November 25, 2006, Sean Bell and two other friends were leaving Bell’s bachelor party at a strip club in Jamaica, Queens. Bell, who was legally drunk at the time, along with his friends (allegedly) made a scene which made plainclothes police officers cautious about the young man. Eventually, the scene escalated to where the cops think he had a gun and fired their guns at Sean Bell… reportedly 50 times, killing the 23-year old man and wounding his partners.

For a more detailed account, go to Sean Bell’s Wikipedia entry or visit the family’s official site, Justice for Sean.

There’s a lot of arguments about this case, especially with the way it was handled.  My post isn’t going to be about wither the cops are right or wrong in their actions. (However, for personal sake, I believe that they were wrong and dead wrong) This post is going to be more about wither the Bell family is going to get justice… because these ARE cops we’re talking about here…

To better understand the situation, let’s look closely at a few things. Racism or copsoutright stereotyping  could play a part on the cops decision. Why I won’t say it’s totally racist, it’s definitely more prejudice and assumptions that played a big factor in this.

However, my biggest fear is that trials that are lead by judges usually means that the police already have the upper hand in the matter. People usually fear that trails that are in the hands of judges usually means that the case was decided before trail even begins. So, I just hope that this isn’t one of those cases. I hope that Sean Bell’s family will get the justice they deserve and all of us in NYC can take an easy breathe… because people do crazy things when the verdict is not fair… and you don’t have to look no further than 1992 in Los Angeles.

Comfort me people. Tell me it’s just my mind playing tricks on me.

Note: There’s four police offices, but only three of the five are currently in trail. The other two were release on bail. According to news reports, a decision will be made on April 25, 2008.

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