Ryan Leslie – How to download a FREE* Copy! (Updated)


Updated (April 13th 2009): As of March 19, 2009, Spiral Frog stopped operations. Because of DRM restrictions, any downloads from the site will ceased to stop working within the next couple of weeks. I only noticed this over the weekend when I tried to download the new Mims album for review purposes.

*Not totally free. But you’ll see what I mean as the post rolls on…

So, you can’t find the newest Ryan Leslie album. You want to hear the album before you buy it. Maybe you are saving money for something more important. (Or maybe you are… cheap. Don’t worry, I’m not here to pass judgment.) I’m going to tell you how to get Ryan Leslie (or any other album) for free… with a few catches.

SpiralFrog is a music download shop that allows you to download music in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format for free. They allow you up to 30 days to listen to the music you download and if you want to listen to it more, just go back to the site and renew your subscription.

Now, because it uses DRM, you can only listen to it on a Windows computer and on “any portable player or music-enabled phone that supports WMA files.”. This means no iPod/iPhone. And not even Zune (since Zune have it’s own protection scheme that even Microsoft themselves don’t want to touch.

While you do have to renew the license every 30 days, it will give you a chance to review to review music and keep them for as long as the service is around. So, if you want Ryan Leslie for free*, then sign up and download at SpiralFrog (Ryan Leslie Link).

However, for true ownership of the music (and to play it on whatever you want), you’ll have to go to Ryan Leslie on Amazon.com. They are affordable MP3 files that you can play on any player (yes, even the Zune and the iPods).

Hope this helps you out!

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