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October 7, 2011

Marathon Fund-Raiser

Already seen the video and want to donate?


Update: I have added a $100 Visa Gift Card to the 10+ $10 Amazon Gift Cards to the promotion. To enter, simply promote the link to this page! Follow directions below.

On November 6, 2011, I will be running the NYC Marathon to raise funds for an organization called Free Arts NYC.

Free Arts NYC is a not-for-profit organization that provides mentor-ship via art programs. They serve these creative arts programs directly to low income, homeless, abused and neglected children.

As I personally revealed in the video, I have a connection with this organization because during my teenage years, I had a mentor by the name of Peter de Blanc, a man who owned Cobex International, a web firm and (then) Internet Service Provider, who’s also developed policies for ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers… aka, the reasons domain names exist and expansion of other domain endings, like .vi for example.).

Now, I’m taking his lessons (both business and life) and applying them to my own in my own unique way.

Even thought I’m officially running the Marathon, unless I raise my promised goal of $5,000, they will not allow me to run.

This is where you come in.

Click on the link below and give what you can. I suggest to give at least $10, but you can donate whatever amount you feel comfortable.

BONUS: If you help me raise $5K before Halloween, I will do an extra special video of me doing one of the following things and publish it on November 5. You get to choose what I’ll do. Just vote what what you think would be awesome to see:

If you can send me a spare a few more bucks, donate to my recovery fund.

Why do I have a recovery fund? Basically, I work over 50+ hours a week and I must take time out to train. Since I’m using my own resources to do this, even with budgeting, I can barely make enough to get me through the month. Also, I have no health insurance, so if I (Universe forbid) get injuried during the Marathon or training, I have NOTHING to protect me. As you may know, banks do not give out loans smaller than $5K. (And with all that is going on, good luck trying to get a loan!)

While I can just say “donate what you can” and leave it at that, I am willing to provide a few services depending on the amount you give. Here’s the deal:

Every donation gets a “Thank you” tweet and a link on this page.

(To get the thank you tweet, leave a comment below stating that you donate and your @mention)

If you donate $25, you’ll get a banner ad on Thought Remixer or a write up about your business or promotion. If you’re a musician, you can get your music heard and reviewed. (Because this blog is an editorial blog, I will have to mark your blog post “Sponsored”) If you chose the Banner ad, your advertisement will start immediately and will last 6 months from the start date. I can also do a unique avatar design for you instead.

If you donate $75, I can design a personal background for your Twitter account.

If you donate $200+, I’m willing to give you a Custom WordPress Theme. (This is limited to the first 5 people who donates this amount)

I’m only asking for $1,200, which is smaller than the Free Arts NYC Fund-raising.

BTW, because I’m not a not-for-profit, donations to the Recovery Fund are NOT be tax-deductible. (Donations to Free Arts NYC are!) Also, if you choose to get a service, I have up to three months to communicate, start and give you a finish product. So, if you need IMMEDIATE service, it’s best to hire me at the full-time rate.

If you’re wondering about my designs, go here:

Lastly, these services are exclusive to the Recovery Fund, NOT the Free Arts NYC fundraiser.

Now, for the fun part: Prizes!

To help motivate you, I decided to put up $100 out of my own pocket and give away 10 Ten-Dollar Amazon Cards. That’s good for a few music downloads, a video rental, a book… or $10 off whatever else you want on Amazon. (It’s better than a $10 iTunes card!)

One promoter will get a physical $100 Visa Gift Card! You can use it anywhere Visa is accepted!

Also, if I get donations over the $5K limit, I will give away an additional card per each $100 level. For example, if I get $5,400, I’ll give away 14 cards.

Now, to partake in the prize giveaway, do 1 (or all) of the following:

1) Tweet this out:

Help @nukirk take on NYC and support #TeamFreeArts! You might get a $100 Visa Card! Go to and donate!


You can get creative with the tweet if you like, but…
it must mention @nukirk, #TeamFreeArts and the link for it to be counted. Also, tweet it out as many times as you like! Don’t be shy!

One catch, tho… the software will only catch PUBLIC tweets. So, if you are private, follow the other directions below.

2) You can like this page.

3) If you have a blog (or a tumblr), post up the video or a link back to this page (or the donation page) and send me a link. I will count it as an entry.

Contest rules:

I’m not a company, but a single person. I do not wish to experience law suits, so here’s the deal:

  1. The deadline for promoting is November 6, the day of the Marathon. The deadline for me to turn in the $5K to Free Arts is November 6.
  2. Donations will not increase your chances of winning. However, it will increase your karma! (Please consider donating.)
  3. Drawing will take place one week after the deadline.
  4. I don’t want to limit who can partake in this contest, but the law wants me to state that if you’re under 18 and you win, I’ll have to award the prize to your parents or guardians.

How will a winner be determined:

I’m running a software that will grab the names of all the tweets as well as all the likes on Facebook. I will then use a software randomizer to draw the winners.

So, help me out! Also, subscribe to my blog, which I will be updating with new blog posts starting this month! (With all that’s going on, we have a lot to talk about!)

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