Rewind/Cover : Ronettes – Be My Baby & Mutya Buena – B Boy Baby Ft. Amy Winehouse [Music Video]

What’s old is new again. Seems like that’s the theme with singers like Amy Winehouse and the revival of Neo-Soul (along with Indian Jones coming back on the screen), we all can’t help but want to redo something old with our own style. Enters “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes. Mutya Buena, another London singer took the hit and did more than “cover” it, she made it her own. It’s updated with a hip-hop style and flow (“you know how we doooooo”) and pays tribute to the B-Boy… or tries REALLY hard to.

While B Boy Baby is a favorite and a must in a playlist of along with the 2008 favorites, the video was the song was anything but fulfilling. Gone is the woman behind the chorus and the video is just dark. Looks more like a last minute production.  Lucky for me, I’m just playing it for the music.

So, for the second “Rewind/Cover”, I present to you the Ronettes and Mutya Buena.

The Ronettes – Be My Baby (1967)

Mutya Buene – B Boy Baby (2007)

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