Rewind/Cover: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen/The Braids [Music Video]

It’s been a while since I post up a music video. I decided on a theme this time called “Rewind/Cover”. These are songs that were done back in the day and they were “covered”, a song that was redone to the styling of the artist singing it. I heard Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody a few times and can’t help but search for The Braid’s cover version of the same song… which introduced me to Queen’s version.

The Braids themselves, sadly, was a one hit wonder. They only released one album and dropped out of the limelight just as quickly as they entered. Well, maybe not quickly. They still managed to be background vocalist for a few rock groups, but unless you know the names of the duo (Zoe Ellis and Caitlin Cornwell) you won’t know where to look.

I feel that each song have its place in its own time. Sadly, fans of the original shun the Braids’ version and fans of the Braids’ version probably didn’t know that Queen sang the original. When I found out that Queen sang the orginal days when High School High (the soundtrack in which The Braids version was created for) was in theaters, I asked “Why a band full of guys called themselves ‘Queen‘?” (Check out the link for the answer)

So, here’s it is… both versions for you to enjoy.

Queen’s Original Version (1975)

The Braids’ Cover Version (1996)

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