[Rewind] Truth Hurts: Addictive Feat. Rakim

Truth Hurts (Shari Watson) was basically (no pun intended) the Truth. In 2002, she was on the right label at the right time. They released her “Addictive” off her first album with a (no pun intended again) addictive beat. The type that makes women want to learn belly dancing. Sadly, DJ Quik (the producer of the song) did not cleared the sample. What follows would be a lesson of what “copyright” really means.
Aftermath was sued by Saregama India Ltd., the copyright holders from India literally months later. In addition to not even being original with the sample, Rakim and Truth basically said things that offended the Indian culture.
While Truth have nothing(?) to do with it, her career went down the drain before it even began. Truth tried to rebound with her second single fresh off the court case. Sadly, it was with R. Kelly…  who was entering problems of his own back then.
Even thought she managed to release a second album, the fanfare died out.
What can I say… Truth Hurts… (pun intended)

Addictive w/ Rakim (2002)

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