Rewind: Total – No One Else (Original & Remix)

The year was 1995… and I have a thing for hip-hop. This would be the year that Hip-Hop finally got to my being. While it was slightly there, this is the year I was fully emerged into it. Why? Because Bad Boy was in full effect.

While the West was going the gangsta rap route, Sean “Puffy” Combs and the whole Bad Boy crew was doing their thing in a different way. They got B.I.G., Faith, Junior Mafia (who was not really on Bad Boy) and Total. Total is the perfect example… of studio singers. First heard on “Juicy”, they got the vocals, were hot looking, video picture perfect females. But beyond the studio, they can’t hold a candle to the other girl bands like TLC. But, when you are with Bad Boy, you don’t need to be “live performance ready”. And that’s okay. Puffy just want to make you dance. And that is what this group does best. It comes as no surprise that they did not last longer than a few albums. They were not really “the Total Package”. But they did got hits.

For this go around, we got both the original and the remix of “No One Else”. On the Original and Remix, Da Brat drops her bars. On the remix, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown make a rare appearance together. They are not really on good speaking terms now. Also look for appearences by Puffy and Biggie with Lil’ Kim. Question: If B.I.G. was feeling this woman, why married Faith first? He probably might have still been alive. But that’s just me.

While I’ll admit there are other groups that are better than Total, you can’t help but think… memories. :)

No One Else – Total F/ Da Brat
No One Else – Total f/ Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown & Da Brat
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