Rewind: The Anthem from The Wake Up Show [Music Video]

Tech N9ne. There’s a rapper that seems to be the odd one out. However, he can hold his own with the major leagues. He’s one of the few rappers that managed to get known without help of the industry. in 2002, when he released “Absolute Power”, he encouraged people to share his music via the Internet. With recorded messages before the song plays and offering a bonus CD, he managed to keep a huge fanbase.

His hard work and independent status makes him one of the few rappers who can hold his own and shows that he can play well in both the mainstream as well as the underground.

So, with all this praise, why am I showcasing “The Anthem”? It’s because it’s the first time I was exposed to this “strange rapper”. Today was the first time I ever saw the video. Tech N9ne mashes it up with the likes of RZA, Eninem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Jayo Falony (who was more of a hype man than an MC in this video), Chino XL and KRS-One. The video is a visual treat as each emcee gets their own special effect. The coolest effect in my opinion has got to be Kool G Rap’s when he crumbles himself at the end of each second bar.  Check out what DJ Red Alert says at the end of the video.

If we only have more emcees like Tech N9ne, the world would be a better place.

For real hip-hop heads only. Those who likes people like Soulja Boy should stay away.

P.S. – To the people who provide commentary on youtube: First off, this is a Sway and King Tech track, not an Eminem track. Eminem is a feature on this track just like everyone else. Second, Eminem did not killed this track nor did he burned anyone on it. Third, Eminem is one of the few good rappers, but not the best one. Geez.
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  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    First off this is a Sway, Tech, and DJ Revolution track. Second, Em did kill this track. Don’t hate, appreciate. So did Kool G Rap. Tech N9ne was ok but I’ve heard so much better from him.

    I bought this cd way back when. Dope shit. One of the reasons I gained respect for Eminem as a true Hip Hopper.

    I murder you hoes worse
    than a convertable
    flippin vertical
    nose first
    with the top off
    landing upside down

    good shit. This cd is for folks that are fans of the culture. This song echoes in my mind when I work. RZA going da dada da da da at the beginning is forever stuck in my head.

    If you ain’t know Tech N9ne you need to know. Everready is a sick album. Caribou Lou check it out

    Oh and fuck Chino XL.