Rewind: Romantic Call – Patra F/ Yo-Yo

1994 – I remember when Patra was on the up & up. Patra was one of the few reggae artists getting love back then. A year before, Patra broke into the scene with Shabba Ranks on “Family Affair”. A young Patra (shorten name of Cleopatra. Speaking of which, she is VERY short.) released under Epic’s 550 Music “Queen of the Pack”. She was, during that year, a voice in hip-hop and reggae. While she did release a follow up album (Scent of Attraction) the following year, her 15 minutes of fame was up shortly afterwards. While she did managed to bounce back from time to time in the early 2000s, only her first attempts were the most notable.

So, from the crates, I pulled out “Romantic Call”, one of the joints that I loved with Yo-Yo. The video was shot in the West Coast, so other than Yo-Yo (who survived the 90s, btw), you’ll see this video dripping with west coast staples: Motorcycles, bouncing cars… and Tupac Shakur.

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