Rewind: Casavona – The Leverts [Music Video]

Sadly, this Rewind’s have some bad news tied to it. Sean Levert, 1/3 of the Leverts, died after a medical emergency in jail Sunday night. He was suffering from high blood pressure and hallucinations. He was serving a sentence of one year and 10 months for failure to pay child support at the Cuyahoga County jail in Cleveland. While the officers did their best to keep him alive, he died within the hour of getting to the hospital.

Before this, his brother and the more famous of the Leverts, Gerald, died from a heart attack. Autopsy shows that he died from a drug overdose, which caused the heart attack. According to reports, that death was ruled as accidental.

My condolences goes out to the family, especially their father, Eddie Levert, who’s the lead singer of the O’Jays.

This leaves a good question: when you are ready for the final hour, how much luggage do you want to leave? I would prefer to leave none. It’s sad he didn’t get a chance to finish his.

In honor of that, here is today’s rewind, Casanova.

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