Rev. Wright Is Right… [2 Cents]

Some people are so caught up with this Rev. Wright, it’s just not funny. Rev Jeremiah Wright, Senator Obama’s former pastor, can be seen as a racist anti-American. (as the person who posted this clip titled it “BARACK OBAMA Pastor ANTI-AMERICAN Rev Jeremiah Wright Racism”) However, don’t let the media’s smoke and mirrors fool you.What do I mean by the smoke and mirrors?

People, we need to keep in mind that this is the news. They will only play the controversial parts. They only want you to get part of the story. You never see the whole story because the commercials don’t pay for the whole story. The media these days are more like… this:


What We Call the News | Funny Jokes at JibJab
(Hey, this is part “entertainment”. I got a quota to fill.) Anyway, it’s like the young black woman in the video said “It’s being black in America”. But what does “being black in America” really means? It means that issues of our people go unheard. And every time when someone hears them, it’s just us crying and they will dismiss it. But “black issues” is nothing more than American issues. You hear it all the time, it’s just a difference face. Think about it… if I was to pull up this clip:


Doesn’t this scares you? Doesn’t this makes you angry? But these people have a deep hatred for the country because of the religion they practice… which ironically is Christian (Fundamental Christian, according to one interview I seen in the past). Notice how it’s the BBC covering this and not an the American News Networks.

If you’re going to tell me that I didn’t put up the whole clip, I can’t. Not because I don’t want to, but it’s limited. But I can put up a link to the news article.

One more thing: This family is PROUD to be called “America’s Most Hated Family”. That’s something you just can make up.

Yet, when people see this:

They think “Oh, Obama’s association with this man. Obama must be have the same views.” If association is a downfall of a man, then you might as well count our current President and Vice-President’s association with the Caryle Group. After all, they got something to gain from the war. However, that’s a different matter all together. Just because a man is associated with a person does not means anything. That’s like saying that my brother’s a murderer and I’m not, but since I’m related to him, I must be a one. Even if he only murders the bad people, do I necessary agree with him? (By the way, since my brother does read my stuff, he’s not a murderer. None of them are. I’m very proud of them.)

So, is Rev. Wright correct in his saying? He’s right. I’m saying he’s right… to speak his mind, just like every other American. While I’ll leave it to you to think if he’s right in what he says or not, just remember…

… you need the whole story…

… so get both sides and make up your mind.

Edit (March 26, 2008): As I am trying to improve my writing and layouts, I decided to edit the story a bit. The main points I stressed did not change, just a little editing here and there.

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