Republicans United… Democrats Divided

obama clinton cropped-thumb

This morning, I woke up hoping that the Democrat election is finally over. However, alas, the Democrat Party is still going on with the usual. Yes, I’m glad that Obama still maintained a lead despite losing to Clinton. However, my main concern is unity, a force that you very well know is lacking. With the Republican party finally folding their cards and united, the Democrats are still battling among themselves, which makes you wonder…

… if Obama wins, how much support is he really going to get? If Clinton wins, how much support is she’s going to get? When you look at the state of the US, it’s coming down to the numbers. Of course, there’s unity in some parts of the world… like Obama, Japan. (Nope. I’m not kidding. Click the link.) However, there’s been evidence that this election year is going to be tough. All I know for sure is this: when one candidate finally wins the primaries, then we are going to spend the summer trying to convert either voters into believers. With reports of people willing to not vote for Obama if he won the primary, there’s a lot of work to be done within their own party.

And that’s just sad.

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