Remy Ma and "Black Injustice" Don’t Mix

newremymaSo, Remy Ma finally got a slice of reality. According to, she was sentenced to 8 years in prison, the minimum sentence, a few hours ago. She tried to get marry to Papoose while in prison over the weekend, but failed because Papoose allegedly had handcuff keys and is now banned from the prison for six months. In a pervious post, I talked about the outcome of the verdict and “advice” Remy Ma just to take what she can.

One commenter, “Buttaluv” (who wasn’t brave enough to even leave a real e-mail address) used poor logic and used a weak argument about Rodney King, OJ Simpson, and TI as examples. Clearly a Remy Ma supporter (or fan, which is actually a LOWER level than supporter), I doubt she saw the point of the post, which was that her attorney is using the argument that she didn’t mean to use a gun and/or didn’t mean to fire the victim, just threaten her.

The point was, she had a gun, period. But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is simply… there is no point. I did made a response to Buttaluv’s comment and said the following:

The difference between Rodney King, OJ and TI is that Rodney King was unfair, OJ’s was about fame and TI was stupid enough to break one of the rules of an ex-con.

The post, from my POV, is that Remy shouldn’t have went after her with a gun, period. Especially for pocket change. $3000? That’s something you can recover in small claims court! The media will have a field day, but at the end of the day, no one lost nothing. But Remy Ma went at her with a gun… and her attorney took THAT stance.

So now, that the dust is settled, I’m going to get an attack. Attack because I’m not looking at it from a “black person’s point of view”. If anything, I’m looking at it from all POVs… and you don’t need to be familiar with the “black experience” to know that this is probably one example of a case actually going right and justice being serve. No, I am not a Republican. The judge said it best:

“This is not the first time she has been engaged in a violent act. She has never taken responsibility for her actions. This has nothing to do with rap, it’s about the actions of one person. Remy is an extremely angry young woman, who feels the rules do not apply to her.”

While she can appeal all she wants, she hurt her former best friend. And while she did apologize (after being sentence), if you look at my other post about this, this isn’t a “black gone wrong” issue. It’s just about one woman’s bad misjudgment. She rush into a situation without thinking and now is paying for it. Plain and simple. I stand by what I am saying. The judicial system is twisted, I will agree with that. However, this isn’t one of those cases. It isn’t monumental. It’s just a mad woman losing her temper over money that is pocket change to a woman at her level. What the HELL was she doing with $3,000 in case @ 4 AM in the morning anywayz?

As far as Papoose trying to break Remy Ma from prison… now THAT’s questionable and should be listed as a “WTF moment”…

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  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    Wow! Her apology was

    “I apologize for not saving you from your physical and mental scars.”

    What? You apologize for not saving her? What kind of self righteous bullshit is that?

    When keeping in real goes wrong.

    3000 ain’t a large amount of money for her, but it isn’t the amount. It’s the principle. I’ve been stabbed over 2 bucks. I fought a mother fucker over 2 dollars of my money that he tried to take.

    You can’t let someone take your shit like that. You’ll become known for getting punked out.

    But on the other hand, if you are gonna scrap over this sort of thing, realize the repercussions that may come out of it.

    You could
    a. drop a mother fucker and catch a case
    b. get dropped
    c. get bodied
    d. body a mother fucker and catch a case
    e. drop or body a mother fucker and get away scott free

    Now e might happen. But odds are against it.

    This is not an injustice. Remy has to do eight bullets to pay for the shit she did. She owes the house and its time to square up.