R. City – Losin’ It

First off, these guys are good friends of mine. So in a way, it’s nice to see them blow up. Everyone of us that knows them is extremely proud of them and they deserve this moment.

The song is the first major debut. They are mostly in the background, backing up or penning major songs. The tune is pretty catchy and it does sounds like a summer hit.

However, some people don’t know who they are, so I’m telling you. The reason they seem so… er… brotherly with each other is because… well, they are brothers. They have no problems expressing themselves as brothers and it has always been their style. I read a lot of comments speaking about about Theron (aka Da Spokesman: the darker one) and Timothy (aka Don’t Talk Much: the lighter one) and their looks. I never notice that they are ugly, just talented. But I do understand… they don’t “fit” the pop style. They are not suppose to. NONE of the VI artists (from Ripper to even me) will fit that style. They will not be the last VI artist to hit the mainstream and/or get major screentime. So, you better get use to it.

It’s about time they get their screentime. So, enjoy it boys. Just remember… to remember.

Edit June 23, 2008: Does this post look extremely different from the last time you say this? Well, over the weekend, I thought to myself I came down a little bit too hard on the guys rise. These guys are extremely busy. I doubt a lot of people catch the first post, but if you did, you might have caught the wrong intentions. So, sorry about that. I took my words back.

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  • Nell

    Yoo check its 12:24 in the mornn and iv been listenn to Losin It since wat 3 hours ago newayzz me diggan dis son its the bomdd straith outt pce..