Public Service Announcement (or the blog entry I promised to finally post)

hiatusSo, after a few months of posting in other places, I am back posting here. Yes, the last blog  entry was in November. Soon, it will be 5 months into the new year… and I am only posting a blog entry now? Yes.

And yes, I know a lot of things had happened. Yes, I know a lot things will happen. Yes, I know the Boondocks post is out dated, and I’m supposed to keep on top of it. I’m sorry!

Did I give up on blogging? No. I took an unannounced hiatus simply because back in December, my laptop was stolen. I managed to get a new laptop after Christmas. However, most of my energy went to fix other things.

So, what I’ve been doing all this time? Well, I got a lot of new things to share with you.

First, I have been posting on other blog sites. Let me share that with you:

  • Windows 7: It’s Vista Done Right! (Black Web 2.0)
    Review of Windows 7 and why I think you should go ahead and upgrade (or not).
  • Is Crowdsourcing Just Another Word For “Contest”? (Black Web 2.0)
    I covered the concept of crowdsourcing and if it’s really useful.
  • #OMGFacts – Tasteless Facts Can Ruin You! (
    A twitter hashtag posted one fact on one day that no one thought was tasteful, and documented how the move ruined the account owner’s rep. (FYI: It’s not totally ruined. It spawned other “me too” accounts)
  • Stop Laptop Predators With “Prey” (Black Web 2.0)
    With my laptop stolen, I promised myself I’ll look into getting protection from human thefts. I found a nice open-source program that is free to use and reviewed how to use it.
  • Just Say No to Dating Sites! (Candy Diaries)
    On a personal note (maybe a bit too personal), I explained why you have better chances finding a date online by not using a dating site.
  • Oh Ning It! The Cost of Free (
    With Ning phasing out the Free Social Networking sites to focus on the premium owners, I explained the cost of using a free app with a simple math equation.

I will be writing for various other sites on the theme of tech news and giving editorial commentary on both social media and culture. Also, if you have been reading my Twitter updates, I’ve been posting on a blog called #HipHopJourney. The reasons behind it will be revealed eventually.

So, where does that leave us? Well, I will be posting at least three times a week. #MusicMonday posts will still be around, so that’s my one post. The other two… I dunno. Asking me to do ONE post is hard enough. However, #MusicMondays, I’ll do. Promise. I swear. I even got a few people lined up for your consumption.

Nukirk’s coming back… and this time, he’s taking no prisoners!

(Or whatever makes you happy. Yeah…)

P.S. – I’m also fixing stuff around here. So, give me a moment to fix it…

Update (4/28/10 9:50 PM): I actually did three posts for Black Web 2.0. I added it to the post. (Stop Laptop Predators With “Prey” link)

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