Presidential Layth the Smackdown #1: Ed Henry

Public speaking. It’s the #1 fear next to death (according to come study that no one seems to reference). And yet, to be honest with you, I love watching when the President speaks… for the wrong reasons.

I started to get interested in politics when I enrolled in JROTC in high school on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. There was this one time when I was serving the honor guard and was assigned to honor a visit from the then-current commander in chief, Bill Clinton. However, it would this clip that helps pushed the “wrong reasons” angle.

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So, this is begins my unusual fascination with Presidential speeches. I think they are historical, especially when every minute is now being video taped. Under George W. Bush, I would watch to see how he fumbles his speech. It what makes me a watcher of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. So, when we elected President Obama, I thought “well, this will make speeches a bit more boring”. Not that I think Obama is boring, but there’s nothing to look for. He’s not going to be “America’s Motivator” every time he speaks, so what’s the point right? I mean, he can’t get angry or show that he gets angry. But I do know he gets frustrated at times. You can see it in his demeanor. The first hint of genius was when he did this:

See that "boy, ya better know ya role and shut ya mouth” face when Joe Biden made that joke? (Some people call it Obama’s “shut the fuck up" face, but I prefer the Rock references here when I deal with Obama.) So, this gives me something new to look forward to. I’m all wrong about Obama. Now I got a new “wrong reason” to make commentary every time when Obama speaks. Especially when he’s batting questions from the press. Last night, for example, he did this to CNN’s Ed Henry:

Now… know your role and shut your mouth, Ed. You better think twice before using the President’s kids in your question again.

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