Preach – Cotton (& The Effects of Black Advertising)

It might be just me, but it seems like after Obama was elected President, a lot of changes happened. One in particular was the fact that there’s more black people in commercials. Maybe even before then, advertisers had increase the ratio of “African-Americans” a bit before Obama became a thought that manifested into a run for President. Then again, maybe it’s just me. But with ads targeted to the “urban youth” using “urban swagger” to promote their products as “urban friendly” made me reflect back to Preach on Def Poetry.

Preach in his piece “Cotton” talks about how we are still slaves to the system, but how the game changed. Instead of working in the fields, we are using our hard earned money to build up the white communities’ wealth. So, as I see another commercial plays, I wonder… will we always be cotton picking and never realize our true power?

Only time will tell…


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  • JNez

    wow…we are definitely on the same wavelength with our observations. provocative they are, but indeed thoughtful. nice blog here.