Pharrell May Not Be An MC, But He Did Move The Crowd; Just Not THAT Way

Couple days ago, this clip surfaced on YouTube where people think Pharrell is either having a diva moment or worse.

(Profanity laced)

Media Take Out in a recent article painted him as “lame of the day”, but a lot of reports said differently. Some one was injured and to prevent any more injuries, Pharrell decided to tell people to take a few steps back away from the stage for their safety. While Pharrell could have been more diplomatic about it, I see nothing totally wrong. He was worry about giving his best performance and the safety of his audience. Everyone will more likely listen to Pharrell, especially since he’s got the mic and can refuse to perform if he feels endangered.

Maybe Media Take Out should be called “lame blog of the day” for just trying to shock people with only half the story. I’m no journalist… but geez…

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