Papoose’s New Song – Love [Music]


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I think Papoose is a gifted MC with the way he spits codes. However, today, I heard Papoose dedication to his wifey-to-be, Remy Ma.

And honestly… I can’t belly it. It used samples of DeBarge’s “I Like It” and sadly, he ruined the sample with what feels like a forced/cheesy attempt at making a love song. Now, don’t get me wrong. Hip-Hop’s got some classic love songs which is cool enough to mix in with a love mixtape.

But trust me, if you are stupid enough to mix this song in a love CD, then prepare to go home with blue balls… if you’re THAT lucky. Ouch.

Sorry, Pap. Rewind and come again.

Papoose – Love – zShare Link (may expire)

Update 5/10/08: I changed the title from “Newest” to “New”. Why? I never really meant to say “newest”.

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